SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS - 43rd & 44th Annual Recipient

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Jason Nobriga has spent the last 23 years developing a truly unique approach to illustration. Drawing from sources as diverse as jazz fusion music, comic books, vintage toys, and his life in the islands, Jason’s work combines a friendly attitude with sleek lines and sharp attention to even the smallest details.

His careful use of color and subject matter creates eye-popping images, instantly recognizable for their warmth, playfulness, and depth. Jason’s creative approach is as unorthodox as his work! His process is a strange combination of attention and inattention: constantly focusing and clearing the mind to maximize creativity.

Nobriga’s offbeat design strategy is a perfect fit for projects that need that elusive something special, a point of view that is hard to describe, but easy to understand. His work has been used by companies such as Tetris Online of America, Apple, Electronic Arts, ESPN, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Ouya & Amazon Fire TV who understand that great design brings personality to the product, and a smile to the client’s face.

Amazon Fire TV · American Medical News · Apple · Bamboo Ridge Publishing · EA Mobile · ESPN · Facebook · HMSA Island Scene Magazine · Honolulu Weekly · Honolulu Publishing Company · Jamdat · Nikoli · Ouya · Pacific Basin ( Honolulu Magazine ) · Pacific Travelogue ( Hana Hou! Hawaiian Airlines Inflight Magazine ) · Review & Herald Publishing · Roku · Samsung · Technical Analysis · Utne Reader